July 07, 2006

Miner Madhav

Madhav is a grumpy ol’ coot. He loves nothing more than to work, as long as the work involves meticulous detail, a lot of smashing, the outdoors, and nobody else. He becomes extremely grouchy if bothered while absorbed in his tasks.

He stumbles across a great deal of precious gems and metal during his digging, but has no interest in riches whatsoever. He hangs onto the gaudy junk because he finds that people will leave him in peace if he gives them a handful of riches on the condition that they never darken his doorway again. He hates conversation, but does enjoy muttering folk tales to himself under his breath and singing old drinking songs while he works. Maybe some day he’ll meet someone who doesn’t make his bones crawl.

His goggles have flashlight lenses, allowing him to see in the dark. He uses the brute strength of his metallic left arm for swinging his giant pick axe or hammering railroad pikes into the ground. He uses his bony right hand for more detailed, delicate work, such as removing precious gems from cliff walls.

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