March 23, 2006

Bat Men and Bat Bombs!

Side note: With an estimated 1,100 species of bats, they make up 20% of all mammal species. That's nuts!

But what's even more nuts is that during World War II, the United States considered dropping bats carrying tiny, timed bombs onto Japan. The bats would supposedly fly into buildings where they'd explode. President Roosevelt approved the plan, a species of bat was selected, the bombs were designed and so were the bat storage units that would attach to the planes. After spending about $2 million on the project it was scraped when tests failed due in large part to the bats just plain dying or being knocked unconscious by the 5,000 foot drop. Crazy!

March 22, 2006

Rainbow Senshi Miracle Kid!

I love ridiculously large limbs and Mega Man loves his Mega-Buster!

Side note: The name Rainbow Senshi Miracle Kid was at one point considered instead of the name Mega Man. Oh what could and should have been!

Europa on the White Bull

Another Literary Debacle drawing.

This is Europa on the White Bull from The Dragon's Teeth, which Nathaniel Hawthorne adapted from an ancient Greek myth. I wouldn't be surprised if the movie The Last Unicorn was inspired by this tale. There's a few striking similarities between the two.

Walk Like a Mangled, Ibus-Headed Corpse

I drew this ibus-headed mummy, or as I like to call it, The Ibummy, for Literary Debacle. Literary debacle is a group of artist friends I belong to who post myths and other literature each week for everyone in the group to draw from. It's pretty rockin'.

This broken-armed cutie is from H.P. Lovecraft's story Imprisoned with the Pharaohs.
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