January 21, 2007


Mickey was one of the most visually iconic characters ever created, so of course they found the need to redesign him. He looked great before they made his face flesh color, put whites in his eyes, and generally took away everything graphic and distinctive about him.

This drawing is my tribute to the classic Mickey design and to my preschool self, who drew Mickey obsessively.

Side note: Mice will sometimes eat their own tails rather than starve to death. With that kind of self-cannibalizing determination, it's no wonder Mickey has refused to enter the public domain.


:: smo :: said...

haha and he's keeping us away from a lot of interesting otherwise copyrighted material!

i love this though sean! you should try out that john k "beating proportions into your head" method of drawing from an image/still of a character and trying to match it up exact by checking the two images overtop of eachother. i wanna start but i haven't had time, classic mickey would be a good character to do it with for sure!

Bob said...

i think there was a gigantic mickey mouse meme not too long ago.
you should add this drawing to it if you find it.

Amaryllis said...

You write very well.

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