June 18, 2007


This was just an aimless doodle, but it reminded me of Crispin Glover so I changed his haircut and gave him some rats.

Side note: Glover refused to be in Back to the Future II and III because they did not give him enough money. An actor with prosthetics was used to simulate Glover in the sequels causing Glover to sue over the use of his likeness. He won the lawsuit, but tarnished his reputation in the process. Crazy.


Nathan said...

You have a very nice photo blog.

Bob said...

this drawing rocks, sean! i love the mice. how did you accomplish those ink effects? with ink?

Sean said...

Thanks Bob. I just did those splatter effects by layering various textured brushes in Photoshop.

Bob said...

cool! it came out great!

Peter said...

This is a great Crispin Glover, Sean! Awesome awesome.

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