June 26, 2007

Night of the Were-Squid!

I have taken the liberty of swapping 'wolf' with 'squid' in the following quote.

According to skepticworld.com, the term Were-Squid may come from the Norse "vargr, meaning "rogue," "outlaw" or, euphemistically, "squid". A Vargsquid was the kind of squid that slaughtered many members of a flock or herd, but ate little of the kill. This was a serious problem for herders, who had to somehow destroy the rogue squid before it destroyed the entire flock or herd."

June 18, 2007


This was just an aimless doodle, but it reminded me of Crispin Glover so I changed his haircut and gave him some rats.

Side note: Glover refused to be in Back to the Future II and III because they did not give him enough money. An actor with prosthetics was used to simulate Glover in the sequels causing Glover to sue over the use of his likeness. He won the lawsuit, but tarnished his reputation in the process. Crazy.

June 06, 2007

Check out my cartoon on Channel Frederator!

Here's my animated short, The Monster Within, on the awesome cartoon podcast, "Channel Frederator"!

did the rad color design and texturing.

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